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Us/We: The company, Save Dosh LTD

Customer: the buyer who places the order

Order: A notice of intention of buying goods from us

PII: Personally Identifiable Information - Customer name and delivery address

Dispatched/fulfillment: the name given to a customer order that has been dispatched by the carrier

Marketplace source: online selling platforms such as Amazon and ebay


Order Fulfillment

We use PII to fulfill orders.

We use the customer Name, Street, City, Town, Postal Code and Country to complete order fulfillment.

PII is used on a one time basis, once an order has been dispatched, PII will be erased permanently from our database within 1 hour.

If an order is cancelled by the customer, PII is also deleted permanently from the database within 1 hour.

We never use customer information for anything other than order fulfillment or invoicing as listed on this page.



As we don't store PII a temporary request for PII to the marketplace source will be done to create an invoice.

If an invoice is requested, PII is required to display the customer address on the invoice.

We use customer Name, Street, City, Town, Postal Code, Country to display the invoice address.

We also use the delivery country of the order and order total to calculate the tax on the order to display on the invoice as each country has different tax rules.

Once an invoice is created and emailed to the customer the PII and the generated invoice will be deleted permanently from the server within 1 hour of the invoice being sent to the customer.


Data Storage

All PII is encrypted using AES 256-bit and stored securely, there is no outside access to this information and this information is never shared, sold or replicated.

Data is only stored on secured mediums and is never stored offline or in unsecure ways such as removable media.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to give you the best experience and to make our site more convenient, here is a list of the cookies we use:

Cookie NameDescription
PHPSESSIDTo maintain your session data, e.g. keep track of your login, basket contents, chosen country, currency when making a purchase
cidUsed to maintain your basket once you've exited the site, for convenience
__stripe_midSet by Stripe, Our payment processor, uses this to accept card payments
__stripe_sidStripe, Our payment processor, uses this to accept card payments
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